Adult, Couples Hand Casting or Family Casting Kit - which is for me?

Adult, Couple hand casting kit is for 2 hand casting strictly. Family casting kit is for casting of large pose, such as 2 adult and 2 or 3 child hands or 4 adult hands or even more, all depends of your pose and moulding container in use. Process of casting for 2 adult hands is much easier than casting of 4 hands. So we will focus on casting of 4 hands or more.

Firstly you need get suitable moulding container which fits your desire pose. This is the way how to get this container.

We recommend 22-24cm in width. Height 22-23cm minimum.

Once you got container, add 4ltr of water and immerse your pose (NOTE - strictly 4 ltr).

If you finding that water level suits your requirements (usually nearly wrist level), this container

is correct for your needs ...strictly 4 ltr of water.

Animation of moulding container.