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1. Will it hurt my baby?
Absolutely not. Your baby will be putting his or her hand or foot into a soft creamy mixture which will become firm but stay flexible after just one minute (during which time they are free to wriggle). The hand or foot then slides easily and cleanly out of the mould.

2. Could my baby be allergic to the moulding agent?
The moulding powder is a complete natural product (made from seaweed) and is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. It is widely used within the medical profession for taking skin and tooth impressions. For safety purpose you can make a small area test before using.

3. How long does it take?
The entire process of moulding takes no longer than 5 minutes.

4. My mould sets too quickly.
The time taken for the moulding to set varies with temperature of the air and the water as well as the amount of water added. You can use one of our kit which contains Slow set alginate (casting kit NEWBORN or NEWBORN - DOUBLE), which allows to double moulding time.

5. Does my baby need to be asleep?
Not necessary, but we recommend to be asleep, because babies wriggles, whats can affects the quality of final cast. Babies between 0 months and 3 years of age don't understand and they don’t keep still long enough, they wriggle. In such cases we recommend our casting kit NEWBORN or NEWBORN - DOUBLE.

6. Is the process very messy?
No. Once the mixture sets it forms a rubber-like mould which peels easily from the skin and baby's hand or foot will emerge completely clean. We recommend doing home castings in the kitchen so that any mixture, once set, will peel cleanly away from smooth surfaces. 
Wear a old shirt and roll up the sleeves. Alginate and Casting Plaster won't stick to skin or other non-porous surfaces, but will stick to clothes and carpet. 

7. Can reuse the mould?
No, it has to be broken up to peel it away from the plaster cast so it is not possible to reuse the moulding.

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