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This Family 3D Hand Casting Kit is for casting of family - 2 adult and 2 to 3 childrens or so.

Because each case are individual, size of moulding container will vary. Enclosed instructions explained how to get correct numbers required for your project.

Instructions include QR code for quick access of visualised (Video) instructions on our Youtube channel.

Please note:

Casting of children younger 3 years can be complicated, as they don’t understand and they don’t keep still long enough. Instructions include tips about casting of children younger 3 years

Also contains:
English Easy-to-follow instruction.
Jar of Artist quality metallic paint (colour chosen by you) + Paint Brush - (if this option chosen)

Images of kit only for illustration purpose, can slightly vary depends of kit.


Hand made. Those kits has no own packing, comes safely brown box - boxed (as shown in picture tab)!

Visualized Video instruction attached above, in the picture tab.


You'll need additionally:
Moulding/Mixing container(s). Plastic water bottle top cut off, bucket of paint or any other suitable container (enclosed instructions explained how to get correct moulding container).
IMPORTANT - Distilled/Deionized water (usually in supermarkets). Enclosed instructions explained how to get correct numbers.
Kitchen scale. Calibrated jug.
Electric drill with a paint mixing attachment or whisk of electric mixer.



Caution : If you want to do a face cast using alginate, never try it for the first time without professional guidance. There can be a real danger of inexperienced users accidentally blocking the model's airways.


Please note, alginate based mouldings are disposable!



Family 4 to 5 Hand Holding Hands 3D Moulding Casting Kit "Jumbo"


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    Pictures for illustration purpose only, can slightly vary depend of kit. Description specify what will you get.

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