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Baby-Newborn 3D moulding casting.
Baby Junior Moulding Casting. Handprint.

Make It Yourself or Do It Yourself Home Kit for Baby-Newborn 3D moulding casting, Baby-Junior casting, Handprint kits.
Our DIY kit include all you need to do this by yourself, following enclosed instructions.

More about 3D casting: What is 3D casting

Memories which will last a lifetime. Time is running very fast, don't be too late.


By taking prints of their hands and feet, you can memorize that special time for ever. Captures every tiny detail, as small as fingerprints and pores.
It is a unique gift for you or your friends who have just had a baby. An ideal present, a keepsake for any new parent or grandparents. Turn those tiny hands and dimpled feet into memories, which will last a lifetime.


Visualized Baby casting instruction

Visualized Newborn casting instruction

Which is best for you?
For newborn casting we highly recommend our kit "NEWBORN". More information in description of item.
Our baby casting kit "BIG", we recommended for babies 3+. More information in description of item.

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