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This 3D Hand Casting kit is Strictly for Newborn and up to 3 years of age.

 Newborn and children up to 3 years of age don’t understand and they don’t keep still long enough, they wriggle while you taking moulding of their limb. If they wriggle at that critical moment, those few sec when mixture settling, the moulding will have failed. In such cases it is best to be asleep. But body of sleeping babies (as all of us) are sensitive to temperature change, this can wake up them. Working temperature of Regular or Fast set Alginate is 21/23°С, which is too cold and will probable waken baby and your process can be ruined. If we increasing water temp up to temperature of body (31-33°С), Regular or Fast set Alginate working/mixing time reduced significantly (up to 10/20 secs) - no time to mix properly and put limb in to mixture. In this case we have solution - SLOW SET Alginate, which has extended working/mixing time.
So, by using SLOW SET Alginate, you still have 40/50 sec for mix properly if water temp is 31/33°С.

No more messy! No more panic! No more retarding agent, just add water - done!




This set has enough material for casting up to 4-5 newborn limbs, up to 3-4 limbs of a baby under one year, or 2-3 limbs of an older child. The number of casts depends on age of baby, the skills, and size of moulding container in use. Actual amounts of materials will vary from individual to individual. User assumes full responsibility for own calculations of material needed. Our easy-to-follow instruction contains easiest way to calculate - How much material you'll need for your project.
Also, contains jar of artist quality metallic paint (if this option chosen). Once completely dry (approx 5 days), casting is ready for painting, or if you prefer, you can leave them as they are.

Package content:

  • 500gr of SLOW SET, high grade, colour changing moulding powder "Alginate" ( produced and packed in UK, not Asia )
  • 1Kg of Fine casting plaster Plus ( produced and packed in UK )
  • Jar of artist quality metallic paint (colours option chosen by you) + Paint Brush
  • Easy-to-follow instruction

Our Alginate non-toxic, non-allergenic moulding material (made from seaweed), which is safe to use on all areas of the body. Freshly packed, 2 year of Shelf life.
Our Alginate 100% produced and packed in UK specially for us, not in Asia.

Hand made. Those kits has no own packing, comes white or brown postal cardboard - boxed (as shown in picture tab)!

Visualized Video instruction attached above, in the picture tab.



You'll need additionally:
Moulding/Mixing container(s). This could be margarine box, plastic milk container cutted in half, or any other similar container.
IMPORTANT - Distilled/Deionized water (usually at Tesco or Asda store as "Carplan" brand, 2.5 Ltr).
Kitchen scale. Calibrated jug.
Electric drill or hand mixer one whisk attached.




Caution : If you want to do a face cast using alginate, never try it for the first time without professional guidance. There can be a real danger of inexperienced users accidentally blocking the model's airways.


Please note, alginate based mouldings are disposable!


Baby NEWBORN 3D Hand Moulding Casting Kit | New Parent Gift Idea


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