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Formula Fine Casting Plaster Plus

Fine Casting PLUS - is probably the most common general purpose plaster. It is a "beta" plaster versatile and economical its used in numerous industries. It is light in weight and easily carved once set. This is the grade of plaster-of-Paris that is usually stocked in craftshops and is ideal for a wide range of workshop, art room and home projects.
Fine Casting PLUS - is a general purpose beta plaster that has better working characteristics than fine casting plaster.

Has better working characteristics than fine casting plaster
Light in weight and easily carved once set


Our plaster is 500gr sealed bags packed, for long term safe storage. Ready to use. If you purchase 1kg - you'll get 2x500gr.
Available in 1kg or 2kg package - please choose required volume from drop down menu.


We know how difficult it is for novice. Our package include instruction, advice - how to measure correct ratio plaster to water. How to mix plaster without lumps or air bubbles. How to pour plaster correctly. How to overcome basic plastering mistakes. This will save your time and money.




Plaster to Water ratio (by weight) is 100:70 (this ratios can be adjusted, however this will have an effect on the setting time and product  strength)
Plaster has an initial set time of approx 20 min, with a final setting time of approx 25 min.
Plaster based products are not recommended for conditions where they are likely to be subject to excessive dampness.



PLASTER OF PARIS - Fine Casting Plaster PLUS


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