Fast Set Chromatic Alginate - Skinsafe. Mixing Time - 30 secs. Working Time - 1 min.


What is Alginate and where is used for?

Skin Safe, Chromatic (colour changing) Alginate is a non-toxic, non-allergenic moulding material (seaweed plant extract), which is safe to use on all areas of the body. Its chromatic feature ensures ease of use as it changes colour during the mixing and setting process giving you a visual indication at each stage of the process. Three colours, Purple, Pink and White - it's a three working periods.

About our Alginate


100% High grade.

100% produced and packed in UK specially for us. Not only quality and safety!
This listing for Fast Set Alginate.
Fast Set Alginate has shortened working time than Regular Set Alginate. Recommended for experienced users.
English Instruction.
Spearmint flavour.
Shelf time 2 years from date of manufacturing (please see small batch label on the bag).
Low temperature will increase the setting time and higher temperature will shorten the setting time. For best results use water at temperature range 21-23C (exemptions for retarding agent).

Water Temperature - 23C
Mixing Time - 30 secs
Working Time - 1 min        

Above figures are based upon mixing with distilled water.
Working time and setting time has 5 sec and 10 sec temperature dependence effect respectively for each 2C departure from 23C.
Mix Alginate vigorously in a suitable bowl.

NOTE: Using of tap water is on your own risk, because UK water system are in closed cycle, water can have a high mineral content (calcium, phosphate, etc.), this may cause any Alginate to become “lumpy” or not set properly, become gray. We highly recommend use distilled water. Using of distiled water from ebay, also on your own risk.
Please use distilled water as recommended (usually at Tesco or Asda store as "Carplan" brand, 2.5 Ltr).

Mixing Ratios

Please follow included instruction.
You can add more water than this ratios, which will thin the mix, which will slow the setting times, a thinner mix helps to reduce air being trapped in the mould. If spreading (face or belly casting) the alginate onto a model it is not recommended to add more water than the standard mix ratio as it becomes too difficult to spread when thin (Fast set Alginate not recommended for face or belly casting. Look for Regular set include retarding agent.).
For further information, please refer to included instruction.
PLEASE NOTE: Actual amounts of materials will vary from individual to individual. User assumes full responsibility for own calculations of material needed.

Approximate Alginate Quantities


  • 100g in a suitable container is enough for a baby hand or foot. The number of casts depends on age of baby, the skills and size of moulding container in use.


  • 500g of alginate would be enough for a medium size hand or breast. Enclosed areas of the body such as the breasts will require a modroc bandage to encase the moulding to maintain the moulding shape.


  • A large adult male hand will require approx 675g of alginate.


  • An adult foot would require 2 x 500g, however this amount is dependent on the size of the foot and the container used.


  • A face moulding would require 500g alginate and again a modroc bandage would be used to support the moulding.


  • A full neck to crotch pregnant belly would require 4-5 bag, if attempting this cast ensure you have successfully cast small areas as this is a very demanding cast. Torso up to 3 bag. A large amount of modroc bandages would be required to support this large moulding.


  • A bum cast from mid back to upper thighs would require approx 4 bag of alginate and approx 8 rolls of modroc to support moulding.

As with all fast setting moulding materials preparation is crucial, have all quantities and materials measured and ready for use. Ensure that the model is aware before starting of how they should pose, perform a dry run to avoid material wastage, if casting hands ensure model is aware not to curl fingers as air may get trapped underneath the fingers.
If moulding hands or feet, you can use polythene bags or drink bottles or a plastic containers. The advantage of using plastic containers is, that the container will in turn become a support jacket for the mould however you do use more material with a container than plastic bags.
If casting onto any area with long hair, use a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to act as a barrier, do not use the petroleum jelly on non hairy areas such as breasts as the alginate will slide off.

Caution: If you want to do a face cast using Alginate, never try it for the first time without professional guidance. There can be a real danger of inexperienced users accidentally blocking the model's airways.



Fast Set Chromatic Alginate - Skinsafe


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