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Height: 1100 mm (43,31")
Width: 550 mm (21,65")
Length: 230 mm (9,06") / 500 mm (19,69'')
Steel: 4 mm - BUILT TO LAST


Made of mild steel.

Guaranteed For A Minimum Of 25 Years. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential for preserving the lifespan.

Some prefers rusted look, so we have two option - painted and unpainted (Untreated).

Heat (not open fire) resistant paint.

Colour: Black/Gray shade.

Painted option has no warranty as lasting depends on usage. As a sample - if some area got a small scratch and care wasn't taken, scratch can start rusting, whats cause de-adhesion of paint. So this is not because of painting, but because of care wasn't taken timely.

Can be personalized - texts, pictures or logo of your company to the parts for extra charge.
You are welcome to write me a message and ask any questions or send me your ideas!


Sorry, this products for pick up only. Please contact us for deliveries.

Collapsible firewood rack "Wave-Small"


    Free delivery within UK


    Please understand, we aren't part of Royal Mail, we cannot guarantee speed and quality of third parties.

    Thank you for your support and patience.

    Pictures for illustration purpose only, can slightly vary depend of kit. Description specify what will you get.

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