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Alginate Retarding agent allows to double mixing/working time of Alginate. No rush and no worries if warm water in use or large working area.
Handy if do casting of torso or belly, face casting. One of the characteristics of Alginate is that the thicker the mix, the faster it sets. So if you mix it too thick, it may set up too fast before you can apply it. While casting torso or belly, mixture should be thick (hard consistency), as could slide off of the body if soft mixture. You need a thicker mix so that the Alginate stays in place as it is applied. So, you need extended mixing/working time of Alginate - Retarding agent its a solution.

If you needed for extra time to apply on large areas of body.

Useful if large amount of Alginate in use. Just imagine, you need mix 1.5 Ltr of mixture and add your moulding object in 45 secs (for a full 500g bag of alginate you would add 1500ml of water).
Handy in case of newborn 3D casting. It is nearly impossible to do hand/foot moulding on newborns and babies up to 3 years of age, because newborns and babies up to 3 years of age don’t understand and they don’t keep still long enough, they wriggling (mostly) while you taking moulding of their limb. If they wrigle limb that critical moment, those few sec when gel settling, moulding will be failed. In such cases only asleep babies it's a solution. But asleep babies are very sensitive to water temperature. Working temperature of Alginate (21/23°С) too cold and can awaken baby if you taking moulding with asleep baby, and your process can be ruined. If we increasing water temperature up to body temperature (36°С), suitable for asleep babies, Alginate working/mixing time reduced significantly (up to 10/20 secs) - no time to mix properly and put limb in to gel. In this case we have solution - ALGINATE RETARDING AGENT, which allows to increase working/mixing time twice.

20g per 500g of Alginate approx. doubles setting time.
Dissolve in water - done!

Dosage can be adjusted to suit. Please use enclosed instruction.
For best results, please use distilled/deionized water (usually at Tesco or Asda store as "Carplan" brand, 2.5 Ltr).



Packaged in a hot sealed poly bag ready to use.
Available in 100gr, 200gr or 400gr - please choose required volume from drop down menu.
100gr (5 doses x 20gr/ enough for 5 X 500gr bags of alginate)
200gr (10 doses x 20gr/ enough for 10 X 500gr bags of alginate)
400gr (20 doses x 20gr/ enough for 20 X 500gr bags of alginate)



Caution: If you want to do a face cast using Alginate, never try it for the first time without professional guidance. There can be a real danger of inexperienced users accidentally blocking the model's airways.



Alginate Retarding Agent


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