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Why do our life casting kits come without a moulding container (bucket)?

Life casting kits can be mixed in a bucket or suitable container such as a paint pot. We do not provide such containers for a few reasons.

Firstly, providing an paint container is not the best option for a gift set as it does not look particularly eye-pleasing. Imagine giving an paint bucket container as a gift - you might receive a really not presentable look.

Secondly, providing something that most people would have lying around their house would cost additional. For instance, you might have to pay an additional £3 to £5 for such a container, whereas you could easily pick one up for only £1 or even free.

Next, there is the cost of shipping to consider. Providing a container would increase the overall size of the package and its weight also. The result would be an increase in shipping cost, which would have to be passed on to the customer.

Different occasions - different packaging

We provide all of our kits with standard packaging for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we cannot guarantee the service provided by third-party (couriers). There is always a chance that a package may become damaged in transit. If we offered gift packaging and this situation arose, you might experience disappointment as you had ordered it as a gift.

Also, there are too many different occasions to provide various packaging for. Therefore, we provide all of our kits with standard packaging so that you can choose a suitable gift package for your occasion after delivery. And again we have saved your money ...and time.


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