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Hand Moulding Casting Kit - Which brand/kit is best?

In true, there is no differences of content for hand casting kits of all sellers, except one - instruction. How easy to read and use - this is the only one and main difference. In most instructions you have to make calculations to get ratio of moulding powder to water - this is the most complicated ways. We have kept it to a minimum for Couples-Adult casting kit.

We cannot claim that our instructions is the best, easy readable ...but most of our customers agree, our adult hand casting kit is the one of best results they have got.

We having Customers who have used kits from a few vendors without success, this is because most instructions missing very important information, which can be crucial, just because vendors aren't professionals in this kind of services. They are simply resellers, and do not make important changes to instructions. If instructions was written for regular set Alginate but kit contains fast set Alginate - 100% you will fail. Vendors copying our instructions, which was written for using of our Alginate, which is produced in UK following our requirements, and has absolutely different set time comparing cheap Asian Alginate.

We have added and pointed out all important details which can be crucial. So please note - each detail given in instructions is important for your success.

Please do not hesitate contact our Customer Support if having troubles reading instructions, troubles for moulding-casting process, because you will be working with fast set moulding material (Alginate) and you having only one try.

Probably the most chance for success of casting if you purchase from professionals.

We do not assert anything, we only follow facts and logic.


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